What You Can Do About a Weak Wi-Fi Signal Now

Inexpensive Wi-Fi Router with external antennas

Over the years, Wi-Fi has become as essential as the basic needs of man such as food, shelter, and water. It has become an important tool in using computers, laptops, and smartphones nowadays. However, it can also be frustrating, especially due to bad reception, slow speeds, and other issues.

A weak Wi-Fi is considered a modern nightmare that causes lost connections and a poor loading time that can challenge your patience as you surf and browse the Internet. If you are having troubles with a weak Wi-Fi, here are tips for you on what you can do about a weak Wi-Fi signal:

Get a Modern Router

Wi-Fi speed is slower on the wireless A, B, or G routers. If you want to experience the fastest speed possible, the wireless N can provide you all the rage. You need an N card and N router for your computer to improve weak Wi-Fi and achieve maximum speed.

Inexpensive Wi-Fi Router with external antennas
Inexpensive wi-fi router with antenna

Check for Any Router Updates

Router updates are not as annoying as frequent app updates. Manufacturers of routers sometimes release stability resolutions through driver updates. You can go to the website of your router’s manufacturer and download all of the newly issued maintenance changes and updates.

Do Not Hide Your Router

Find the perfect spot for your router. Routers may be ugly, but you should not hide your router. If you are after the best Wi-Fi signal, you need to let your router out in the open, free from obstructions, and any walls. The antennas should be pointed upwards and elevate the router for them to perform better. Ensure that the router is close to the place where you will use the Wi-Fi.

Buy a Range Extender

If you are having problems with a weak Wi-Fi that cannot reach the ends of your home or office, you should consider purchasing a range extender. It cannot speed up the Wi-Fi, but it can give you Internet access whether in the attic or basement.

Change Wi-Fi Channel

Wireless routers are broadcasting on different channels like radio stations. It may cause static and build up if there are many people who use the same channel. The newest routers today offer automatic selection of channels. If you are using older models, you can try and test another channel and see if there is less interference.

Use Two Routers

Having a fast Wi-Fi connection makes you use a lot of electronics and gadgets which may overpower your Wi-Fi. By using two routers, you can have advantages. You may choose to buy cheap routers or take the free router from a cable provider and make it your access point. This is very useful for game consoles and home entertainment systems that can be plugged in using Ethernet cables.

Do a Speed Test

If you already followed most of the tips above and you still do not see any improvements, you can do a speed test. You can do this using Speedtest.net. If the results of the speed test are lower compared to what you have paid for, talk to your cable provider.

You may want to hardwire some devices for better performance
You may want to hardwire some devices for better performance