Remote Support and Computer Repair

Remote Support

HelpTek provides remote chat-based or phone-based support sessions for your Mac or PC. We  fix your computer issues while you sit back and watch. With online computer support from HelpTek, you can use your computer worry-free!

If you are seeking in-person service, please schedule an appointment.

Remote support is for those situations when you need a solution immediately. If we can solve your problem remotely, you will benefit from time savings. You can even use remote computer support outside of normal business hours. If you suspect your computer has been infected by a virus or malware, remote computer support can be the perfect answer. If a technician can access your computer online, they should be able to diagnose and eradicate any virus or malware infection. A further advantage of remote computer support is that it’s easy to get continued support should the problems recur. It’s not uncommon for viruses to stay hidden and evade even computer repair pros. If your problem does come back after the initial computer repair, the technician can connect to your computer again and investigate further. This is a lot more convenient than having a technician visit you multiple times on-site or repeatedly.

Emergency support is available 24/7!

If remote repair if possible, it will be less expensive than having a technician visit your home or business. Contact us for a quote.

Select and download the correct application for your system, whether it is PC or Mac. Once the application is downloaded, run it and share the ID and Password information with your technician to establish a secured connection.

Sit back and relax. The rest we do for you and you will free your computer from problems in no time.


Don't become the victim of a scam!
DO NOT download this software and allow a remote connection if you have been prompted to do so by an unsolicted phone call, even from our phone number. If you are suspicious, hang up and call our phone directly. We generally only perform remote support for clients with whom we already have a working relationship.



Windows Remote Support Software

Mac OS Remote Support Software